Anat is one of the main protagonists in The Sheol Order. She keeps her brown hair short and has a mellow skin color.


Anat was born to Hanbi and an unknown mother who he called "One" (with Aunts know as "Two" and "Three") in the same batch as her sister Freya and her brother Gesh. Hanbi was disappointed in "One" after she promised four boys only to have one boy and two girls, and so Hanbi threw into a lake of magma. Anat saw the murder take place, and was told by her father to "never speak again." While Anat was told to be feminine and ladylike by her father, she enjoyed being around her male siblings and cousins watching them practice melee and long range combat, but was afraid to ask if she could participate in fear she would be scolded. When Hanbi and his sons would go hunting, she would privately practice using a bow and a blade; her only observer was Freya.

She joined the militia in hopes to bring back society and keep her tribe (and especially her sister) safe.

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