Eemalas (plural for Eemala) are spiritual beings that resemble angelic women who grant psychic or supernatural gifts for whom they find 'attractive in soul'. Though they are very tall (taller than hemagnus per say), they resemble angelic women for they perceive as nurturing and adorning figures. For the most part they are invisible and are only felt. They function completely different from intellectual species, lacking free will and physical embodiment.


Eemalas were a cooperative effort (like the Ursa) between Ivar, The Enlightened One of Light, and Goll, The Enlightened One of Darkness. After the six other Ones proceeded to create the universe, Eemalas would take their duties to serve natural phenomena to Origin, such as controlling winter storms, breezing the wind, and keeping the Haven from crashing against the ground. Ivar and Goll considered them 'daughter like'.

Once the first three intellectual species were created (Ursa, Hemagnus, and Nykon) the Eemalas began to find themselves in love with the creatures. They granted them many powers (depending on the Eemala's expertise).

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