Gabriel of Rubinus is one of the main protagonists of The Sheol Order. He has long orange hair, a muffled beard and weak eyes. He is a pure-blood Rubinus and is the second oldest child of his family.


Gabriel was raised in the town of Rose by his parents Hale of Rubinus and Cynthia of Rubinus. He was born three years after his brother Michael, and two before his little brother Raphael. Cynthia and Hale did not have any kids for 36 Coverages (10 Years), but decided to continue producing four more children (Uriel, Selaphiel, Raguel, and Barachiel). Not much is known about Gabriel's childhood since he dares not to address in his past in detail. Before pubescence, he was roughneck and rowdy, causing many disturbances in the town. Hale got his brother and his friend, Lucifer, to discipline him for his disobedience. When he became an adult, he was sent of to the Dead Sea Military Academy on Zale Island. While was above average in skill and integrity, Gabriel had lust and would occasionally sneak off during the night to copulate with prostitutes in a town south of the academy.

He shot up through the ranks for being an excellent coordinator and fighter. When he was a Specialist, he was enlisted in the Red Stallions, one of the Havish Army's most famous battalions. Through service, he became Captain of the Red Stallions and led them through battles in the war against Hell. Upon hearing the resignation of the war, Gabriel threatened to leave the Army and fight for militants within the Darklands if he wasn't supplied with soldiers. Abel the VI decided to lend him what was left of the Red Stallions, a group of twenty men, to fight in the Darklands, thus beginning the book.

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