James of Ebur is a side protagonist in The Sheol Order. He serves Gabriel in the Red Stallions. He is very old with a white mustache and a wrinkly nose.


It is never known who James' parents or relatives are. The orphanage he came from no longer exists with the documents erased. James was set to a military school after he stabbed a fellow orphan with a knife after telling him he deserved to be an orphan. He was a ruthless bully, causing many of his fellow students suffrage and tears. One day, an instructor held him down as other instructors jabbed his legs with kitchen knives as a punishment. It traumatized him and the next day he was sent off to Dead Sea. In revenge against his old school instructors, he studied hard at Dead Sea. By first semester end, he was top of his class, being younger by 10 coverages (2.7 Earth Years) then the second youngest.

While training, he accidently killed a student in practice combat. With a practice sword, he lashed upward striking him through the jaw and almost into the brain. He was sentenced for life and placed inside a Zalish prison for 150 coverages (41 Earth Years) until he was let out on good terms. He enlisted for active duty was he returned to the Haven but was not allowed to go into officer ranks due to his crime.

During the war of Vihar, he participated in the infamous battle known as the "Battle Of The Eyeless" in which over 80,000 lost their lives within a week. He was apart of the remaining 3,000 Havish soldiers who rode on black stallions back to their headquarters near Dwarfenald's border, in which the horses were covered from head to toe in blood creating the famous battalion "Red Stallions". After the battle, the Red Stallions gave each other nicknames to promote their heroism. James didn't know what to answer and one of the soldiers asked "What did your parents name you?" to which he replied "I have no parents" giving him the name "The Orphan Knight".

In the war against the prisoners of Goll, James served Gabriel in hopes to continue his duty as a soldier meant for war.

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