Marso is one of the main protagonists in The Sheol Order. His body is heavily bruised and torn with ragged fur. His skull has blood laced in a 'X' pattern resembling the Mother flag.


Marso was the last child born to Sheol "The Mother" and Lotoc. In his childhood, Marso was a very scheduled and organized individual. He watered the house garden in an orthodox fashion and always cleaned up after himself. Before reaching pubescence, the Satanian Primals invaded Voloc, his home, savagely killing his mother and all five of his siblings. Lotoc managed to escape with him and fled north with two hundred refugees. In exile, Marso learned combat and outperformed his fellow tribesmen. In the 60 Coverages of exile, Marso managed to survive, being apart of the twenty still left alive in the wilderness.

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