Sheol was a hemagnus who presided in Voloc. She was a political activist and the leader of the "Anti-Monarchist Movement". After the retirement of Queen Volga, Sheol was pronounced the State Chief of Voloc.


Sheol was born east of Voloc in primal territory. Her sister, Crypt, and her were found by a farmer named Solas. She raised both of them, but Crypt sadly didn't achieve adulthood due to being murdered in puberty. Devastated by her sister's death, Sheol contemplated reality and the state of affairs in current affliction. Once Solas died, Sheol became the farmer of her land as an adolescent.

During a drought, Sheol took upon another job as a wet nurse and babysitter for the local mothers. Over the span of time in this job, she earned the nickname "The Mother" for being extremely gentle and caring for the children she breastfed and babysat.

When she reached adulthood, King Voloc died of age and Volga, his daughter and princess of Voloc, was crowned as Queen Volga. She was demanding and brutal of her people, and Sheol wanted to address her personally.

Upon collecting fruit, she was attacked by a primal named Lotoc. She retaliated and injured him greatly. She gave him mercy by feeding him and attending his wounds. She quietly took him in as a citizen and kept him only on the farm afraid that Volga might have him neutered.

Sheol wrote The Order Of Sheol; A New Age For Volocans and posted it upon the town hall doors. It was a short but a concise document that caused controversy among Voloc. Volga had her arrested for attempted treason and she sat inside a rancid dungeon for years. Cleverly, before her arrest, Sheol made multiple documents of her post and they were found by on-goers overtime. Many of her friends preached her ideas to the public and found many supporters. Volga ordered Sheol and her followers to be murdered, but the guards disagreed and held Volga for ransom. The guards decided to exile her, mainly for personal conflicts such as forcing eunuchism upon males.

After Volga's exile, Sheol became the State Chief by election. She held office for over 26 Coverages (7 Years) until the invasion of the primals.

While in office, Sheol had six children with, though five of their identities are not given. Their youngest son was Marso.

Tragically, she was beaten and slaughtered by Sinai, the recognized leader of the primals, in the fall of Voloc, along with five of the unknown children.

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