The Darklands is an enclosed region located in the Northwest of Ebenland. It is inside the Citadel recognized nation of the Forbidden.


The Darklands are a massive hollowed cave structure spanning over 400 miles long, 150 miles wide, and, at the most, 13 miles deep. From its title, sunlight is almost completely absent from the cave which motivates the natives to use torchlight. Freshwater is a surplus ,and, like many usual settlements, people tend to gather in large masses around a plentiful source of it. Plants, however, have a difficult time growing due to the scarcity of natural light. Farms are strategically placed in "hot spots" for plants to be grown. The average temperature of the cave is a breezy 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18.3 degrees Celsius), with summers being high as 70-80 degrees and winters being low as 30 degrees. Due to the amount of cavern coverage, many minerals have been discovered including gold and silver, though the most common mineral would be quartz.


According to the Enlightenment, the Darklands were formed by the ashes of Goll when he was stabbed by a sword of light. They burned into the northwest surface of Ebenland (where in modern times is called the Forbidden). From what was left of Goll, many species were created such as the goblins.

Goblins were the first intellectual inhabits of the Darklands. Within the first 10 coverages, goblins occupied 1/3 of the Darklands (mainly in the south), but left once they discovered land. Before the Great Freezing, the Darklands was used for general mining by both the goblins and hemagnus. It was a land of egalitarianism and enrichment. Not much communal activities took place in the Darklands, but those communities that settled there were later called "Dark Cults" by Enlightenment historians.

When the Great Freezing came to be, hemagnus and goblins either migrated to the south or migrated to the Darklands due to the presence of lava. Almost all that traveled south died while those in the Darklands managed to have a little under a half their population survive. The settlers in the Darklands were not informed when the Great Freezing ended, thus they remained underground. Due to objective and cultural differences, hemagnus and goblins lived separately.

During the Great Freezing, the hemagnus formed in tribes of their ancestry. The cattle tribes dominated the northeast causing the rest of the five tribes to settle west or south of them. The goblins formed Goblo'cayo or "End of Goblin Skirmishes" in the complete southwest. It was commune of workers who lived similar to the egalitarian lifestyle on the surface.

After the Great Freezing (unknown to the settlers), food became extremely scarce and the cattle tribe began to cannibalize each other, other hemagnus, and goblins. To the hemagnus, this became known as "The Second Primal Era" and to the goblins "Age of Northern Monsters". A wildebeest hemagnus known as Bovid asked of the other tribes of wildebeest to form an union against the primals. The territorial unit became known as "Bovidia". Other tribes noticed the grit and strength of Bovidia, and instantly asked for unification. Soon, Bovidia became the "Rulership of Great Bovidia". This great society was able to end the Second Primal Era and the cattle returned to leadership. They too formed a rulership known as Satania.

Once the The Enlightenment Era began, men and angels vanquished the kals into the Darklands in suspicion of witchcraft. Both the hemagnus and goblins accepted their presence and communities.

When the the Third Primal Era hit, Satania instantly collapsed causing every other settlement to panic. Soon, the Satanian Primals invaded south causing kal tribes to migrate west into goblin and hemagnus tribes. The kal tribes, Goblo'cayo and Great Bovidia all collapsed during the era. Most of the communities were abandoned but a couple of Great Bovidian lordships managed to form their own state including Voloc, Vulgate and Dis.

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