The Haven is the homeland of the angelman and cherubs in The Sheol Order. Unlike the rest of the lands, the Haven is orbiting above the surface like a moon. It is one of the relatively new areas occupied.


The Haven is approximately 5000 years old (18,300 Coverages) at the start of the book. According to the Enlightenment, the Haven was created when Ivar struck down Goll against the planet. The collision made a large piece of debris that began to orbit around Origin. As a final project, Ivar made the variants of man, in which two species would occupy the Haven, the mortal angelmen who occupy the north and the immortal cherubs who would occupy the south. To begin with, Ivar started with ten angelmen (five males and five females) and the cherubs with six (three males and three females). For the angelmen, each one paired up with the opposite sex and created a house under their name. The five houses would be Feher, Ebur, Rubinus, Sapphirus, and Emeraldas. The signified their houses by dying the color of their wings to the according color of the names (Feher=White, Ebur=Yellow, Rubinus=Red, Sapphirus=Blue, and Emeraldas=Green). House Feher convinced the others of their superiority since the color white was a mixture of all their colors. Agreeing, the Feher house set itself to be the most pure household, only inbreeding to help keep the top of the top out of competition, as the rest didn't apply inbreeding to be the only way of reproduction. The cherubs, on the other hand, shared spouses to create a diverse community of children. Since of their immortality, they wanted to see how different cherubs could look like.


The first ruler of the Haven would be Ivarson of Feher. He was born from the celesta of Ivar, but to Ivar's deception, Ivarson thought he was directly born from Ivar's seed and from a false angelwoman named Victoria. The other beginning tribes too thought their biological roots were in Victoria. Ivarson married his sister, Victoriasa,

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